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Mediation Services

We offer a broad range of mediation services.

Conflict is part of life, but there are alternative methods for resolving disputes that are both cost-effective and capable of alleviating the stress and formality often associated with legal proceedings.

Our accredited mediators adhere to the Australian National Mediation Standards (NMAS) and employ a diverse range of tools to guide individuals through conflicts with integrity, ensuring safety and respect throughout the process.

Our mediation services extend to various matter types including employment and workplace conflicts, wills and estates disputes, as well as property and business affairs.


All Mediation Services

Whether dealing with intricate multi-party agreements or simpler, one-dimensional contracts, interpretations of contract clauses and breaches of contract are not uncommon. Mediation can serve as an effective means to address disputes and facilitate the parties’ achieving a shared understanding so you can get the commercial relationship back on track. 

In the emotionally charged times following a loved ones passing, disagreements in interpretation of their last wishes and parties feeling they are treated unfairly can lead to disagreements. Mediation assumes a crucial role in the resolution of conflicts related to wills and estates, reach resolutions without resorting to costly and emotionally charged legal proceedings.

Workplace conflicts are common place in all types of organisations. We specialise in mediating conflicts between employees and management, as well as facilitating the negotiation of agreements to restore harmony and balance to the workplace. 

When conflicts arise between builders and clients, landlords and tenants, or involving agents, opting for mediation can be a more advantageous approach than resorting to regulatory tribunals and having decisions forced upon the parties involved. Our expertise lies in mediating disputes within both the commercial and residential sectors.

If you have a claim with Fair Trading or NCAT, whether you’re the applicant or defendant, mediation can save you time and money by resolving the dispute before reaching the court room. 

How can we help?

Bill Zahr


Bill Zahr managing partner

How can we help?

Bill Zahr

Accredited Mediator

How can we help?

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