Litigation and Disputes

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Conflict is sometimes unavoidable at work and home but doesn’t have to become all-consuming. Whether you’re arguing with a neighbour, contesting a will, challenging a supplier or need to recover a debt, our litigation team can advise you on your options and help you achieve a fair outcome

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Litigation and Disputes
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Commercial Litigation

Our commercial litigators are known for providing robust legal representation, as well as for offering level-headed, well-researched and practical legal advice. We give you the strong advocacy that will help you succeed while taking a commercial approach that looks to enforce your rights with minimum business disruption.

Mediation / Arbitration

Resolving a commercial dispute informally through mediation or arbitration can save time and money. But, as with court cases, it’s vital your legal representative understands the issues and can present your case assertively. Our extensive experience can help you reach an outcome quickly and let you get on with business.

Corporations Act 2001

Corporate officers and directors have special obligations under the Corporations Act. But the subject matter is often grey and the lines can be easily blurred. Our specialist corporations lawyers can represent you in Federal Court so that your case is clear and you come from a position of strength. 


Contractual disputes can be frustrating, time-consuming and, ultimately, expensive. So it’s important you deal with any issues quickly and efficiently. Our commercial litigation team specialise in resolving contract claims in a commercial and cost-effective way - whether that’s through alternative dispute resolution or going to court.


When commercial partnerships break down, they can take a personal toll as well as a financial one. We specialise in helping clients reach quick and effective outcomes to partnership disputes. That way we can minimise the stress and conflict and help you get back to business as usual. 

Wills and estates

When a will or estate is challenged, it is often stressful for everyone involved. So it’s important to deal with the dispute assertively but sensitively. Whether you’re disputing a will, or you’re the executor or trustee of an estate being challenged, we can help you enforce or protect your rights.


From conflicts over boundaries or encroaching buildings to misrepresentations and ownership disputes, real estate disputes have the potential to consume time and money. If you’re involved in a conflict over a property with a neighbour, real estate agent or family member, we can help you resolve it efficiently and effectively.

Debt recovery

Disputes over money are often frustrating and emotional. They can also quickly become heated, especially where a lot is at stake. If you’re being pursued for a debt, or if you’re owed money you’re finding difficult to recover, we can help you enforce your rights and resolve the claim.

Family Trust and Trust Disputes

A family trust can be an effective way to protect assets and split income. But poorly drafted trusts can lead to fallouts and family disputes. Our lawyers specialise in drafting comprehensive, practical family trusts that last over time. We’re also experts at challenging unfair, imperfectly designed or poorly managed trusts.

Director, shareholder and company disputes

It is common for shareholders, directors and company officers to have different views on a company’s direction. But sometimes this can develop into a situation that paralyses the company and compromises its future. We can advise you on how to resolve company disputes efficiently and cost-effectively while protecting your rights.

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