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Going through a relationship breakup can be challenging both emotionally and financially. With care and understanding, our family lawyers can help you reach a practical solution quickly that’s in your best interests and protects your children and assets.

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Parenting arrangements & child disputes

If your relationship breaks down and you have children, one of the first questions asked is what the living arrangements for the children should be.  Our family law solicitors will be able to provide you with advice about your unique circumstances, and help you understand what will happen to the children and the time they spend with each parent.

Property Disputes

Property is usually one of the major sources of contention in any relationship breakdown, especially the family home. Based on your particular circumstances we can help you navigate the process of dividing your assets to reach your best outcome.


Obtaining a Divorce is often the final step when dealing with a property division. Our family law solicitors can assist you with preparing the Application.  This can be done by consent or by one party alone. 

Child Support Assessment

Following separation, parents are often unsure of their obligations to pay or receive child support from the other parent.  Our family law team can advise you of your rights and obligations, and can assist with the drafting of any Child Support Agreements.

Domestic Violence Orders in Family Law matters

Domestic violence can often impact the manner in which your family law matter is dealt with. Our family law team can give you advice on the effect of ADVO's, whether protecting you or against you, can impact your family law matter.

Superannuation Orders and Splitting Orders

In many relationship breakdowns, superannuation is one of the biggest assets. It’s important you have the right advice on the rules around superannuation splitting before it's divided. Our team will guide you through the process and are experienced in dealing with all types of superannuation interests such as SMSFs, defined benefit schemes and accumulation interests.

De Facto Relationships

De facto couples often have the same rights under theFamily Law Act 1975 as married couples when a relationship ends, but the rules can be complicated and your status can be difficult to prove. If your relationship has ended, we can advise you on your rights and ensure you’re treated fairly in any settlement.

Contravention Applications and Enforcement of Court Orders

If your former partner is contravening a parenting or property order it can be frustrating and a financial burden. We can advise you of your options to ensure the relevant Orders are followed. If you’re the subject of a contravention application or Enforcement Order, we can also advise you on your rights and obligations.

Binding Financial Agreements

More people are entering relationships with significant assets in their own right. Our family law team is able to advise you of your ability to protect your assets prior to entering into a new relationship and the benefits of a Binding Financial Agreement.

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