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We offer a broad range of services in business and commercial law.

Whether you run a family business, partnership or large company, legal issues arise every day. These may include expanding your operations, negotiating contracts or planning for the future. Our experienced lawyers can help you use the law to reach better commercial outcomes.

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Business & Commercial Law
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Contract, Deeds and Agreement drafting and advice

Our lawyers can draft watertight contracts, deeds and agreements that underpin your business relationships, minimising risk and maximising the chances that your transactions will flow smoothly. We’re also experts at resolving contractual disputes in a cost-effective and commercial way.

Buying and selling business interest

Buying or selling a business can be a complex process, and even small errors or omissions can have a significant impact. Our specialist business lawyers can advise and guide you through negotiating, managing and finalising your sale or purchase so that you maximise your position and stay in control.

Business Structuring

With the right business structure, you can protect your interests and set your business up for success. With the wrong one, you can leave yourself exposed and even unknowingly put your assets on the line. Our experts can advise you on which structure best suits your business and individual circumstances.

Commercial leasing

Commercial and retail leasing laws can be challenging and frustrating. It can be difficult to know where you stand and how to enforce your rights. We help commercial landlords and tenants negotiate and draft agreements that protect their interests and help them settle leasing disputes on the best terms possible.

Shareholder/Partnership Agreements

A well-defined and well-written partnership or shareholder agreement will underpin a business relationship and help you avoid unnecessary conflict. We can help you draft an agreement that provides a framework for managing and exiting the business, as well as a framework dealing with disputes. 


Franchising can let you grow an existing business or to start a new one without excessive capital or risk. However, franchising agreements can contain many traps for both franchisor and franchisee. Our lawyers can make sure you know exactly where you stand and help you enforce your rights.

Loan and finance agreements

Lending or borrowing money can frequently be a source of conflict and disputes. Our lawyers can help you understand your rights and obligations under an existing loan or finance agreement. If you are providing finance we can also draft an agreement that protects you and your investment.

Business succession planning

An effective business succession plan can protect your assets and minimise disruption. It can also help reduce conflict and ensure your choices will not be successfully challenged in court. We can help you future-proof your business and stay in control of what happens when you step away from it.

Restructuring existing businesses and corporate group

An effective business or group restructure can improve profitability and even turn it around altogether. But get it wrong and there can be severe consequences to your reputation and bottom line. We can advise you on how to restructure so that you maximise the upsides and minimise mistakes.

Supply and service agreements

Supply and service agreements, as well as distribution agreements, can be complex and challenging, and often lead to disputes or relationship breakdowns. Our expert lawyers can draft an agreement that protects your business and your relationships. We can also help you resolve any issues effectively and efficiently.

Personal property securities

Registering goods and assets under the Personal Property Securities Act can help protect them from administrators and receivers and keep them in your control. We can advise you on registering your property interests, and advise you on rights under the Act.

Corporate Secretarial Advice

Company secretaries face onerous reporting requirements and non-compliance can lead to severe consequences, including fees and penalties. We can advise you on your obligations and draft the documentation you need to comply with the law, including director or shareholder resolutions and meeting minutes and incorporation documents. 

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