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We offer a broad range of expert tax services

Tax requirements and laws are constantly changing. We help you understand what each change means to you and your business.

The law is complex and a breach can lead to hefty penalties. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and state revenue authorities expect your business to have robust policies, procedures and systems in place to support your decisions and meet your regulatory obligations. 

Every business is different and your tax obligations can depend on how you’re structured, the type of transactions you undertake and the processes and systems you have in place.

Whether you need assistance in getting on top of your tax obligations, undertaking a new project or want to understand how a new tax law affects your business, our tax experts can help.

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Tax laws and regulations change so quickly that it’s often difficult to understand how your reporting and compliance requirements have changed.

There is no simple formula to tax compliance but getting it right is crucial. Each business is different and your tax obligations can depend on how you’re structured, the type of transactions you’ve undertaken and your processes and systems. We can help you meet your ATO and state revenue authority requirements by giving you advice on your tax obligations, preparing your tax returns, lodging your BAS, completing your tax reporting and giving you advice on what else you need to do to be compliant.
Your business has obligations to your employees that you can meet while minimising costs. From state payroll tax and workers’ compensation to PAYG, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and superannuation, employment taxes can be a significant expense item to your business.

Our employment tax specialists can help you get across changes in the law, review your policies and procedures, manage compliance reviews and audits, and meet your reporting obligations. At the same time, we can help you find ways to keep the costs of compliance down while making sure you structure your employment arrangements in an optimal way to meet your business needs.
Being proactive about your corporate tax affairs can add significant value to your business.

Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing and this can impact how you manage, structure and operate your business. Whether you’re managing your day-to-day business, undertaking a new project or want to understand how a new law affects your business, we can give you advice on your options. You can even outsource managing your tax affairs to us if you need an extra pair of hands to help with a specific project or don’t need a full-time resource yet.
GST and other indirect taxes can be complex. Understanding and calculating the correct taxes can alleviate these complexities and therefore reduce cost implications for your business.

Our tax experts have the technical knowledge and experience to assist in the management, compliance and improvement of processes to ensure there is minimal impact on your business from GST and indirect taxes such as Stamp duty, Payroll Tax and Land Tax.
Effective tax planning allows you to arrange your financial affairs to keep your tax to a minimum.

Whether you’re acquiring or starting a new business, entering into a transaction or simply want to be manage the impact of your taxes, you need to ensure you any tax planning is proactive and compliant. The right plan includes taking into account not only tax law, but also asset protection, legal and succession considerations. Our tax experts can assist in reviewing your tax affairs and developing a comprehensive plan and structure to ensure your taxes are minimised.
Good governance is crucial when it comes to your tax obligations because the potential risks are significant.

We can help you achieve good governance and minimise your risks of an audit by reviewing or establishing a robust tax governance and risk management framework. We can assist you to implement the best practice policies, processes and systems for your business to help support your tax decisions and meet your compliance and reporting obligations.
Being involved in a tax dispute can be costly but you can minimise your risks at each stage of the process. Whether you’re restructuring your operations, have been advised of a risk review or are in the middle of a complicated tax audit, there are things you can do to help you resolve your tax issues.

At the outset of any transaction or significant change, we can help you prevent a tax controversy by giving you advice on your options and assisting you with your tax compliance. If you’re already involved in a risk review, we can help you manage and negotiate with tax authorities. And if you’re issue is being audited or is going to court, we can help you put together your defence and represent you.
When deciding whether to acquire a new business it is crucial to understand the businesses tax history and risk profile.

Our experts can carry out a tax due diligence to analyse the tax risks and opportunities of a target acquisition, providing clients reliable and independent information so you can develop a negotiated position and make informed decisions. Specifically, our experts can assist in idenfication of key tax risk areas (corporate, indirect or employment taxes), identification of any historical tax risks, impact of these risks on sale price, assess any tax utilised opportunities and choose the right representations and warranties in the sale and purchase agreement.
An overdue tax debt can place undue pressure on your business. Not dealing with the tax debt can lead to the risk of increased interest/penalties, credit rating issues and legal action by the ATO.

We can assist you understand your tax debts and help manage your tax debt through debt evaluation, negotiating favourable payment plans and applying for interest or penalty refund or reductions.

How can we help?

Hussein Zahr

Managing Director

How can we help?

Hussein Zahr

Managing Director

How can we help?

If you are looking for expert legal, tax or business advisory services, we would love to help. Let’s have a chat.