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Property Law and Conveyancing

We offer a broad range of services in property law and conveyancing.

Buying, selling or refinancing your home or investment property can be complicated. Our specialist property and conveyancing lawyers can guide you through the process and make sure that your expectations, needs and requirements are met.

Our Sydney property lawyers and conveyancers can help you to:

  • Prepare documents for sale/purchase
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Register title deeds
  • Conduct searches
  • Provide legal advice
  • Handle any disputes
  • Ensure compliance with legislation
  • Manage the process of selling/buying
  • Help you prepare for inspections
  • Assist with the transfer of ownership
  • Make sure the deal goes through smoothly

We can assist with any type of property matter, whether you’re planning on buying off the plan or a commercial property, we are your local experts. 

All Services in Property Law & Conveyancing

When you are buying or selling real estate there is often a lot at stake. Even small mistakes can have significant consequences. From residential conveyancing through to complex developments, our specialist property law team can guide you through the process and make sure you’re protected every step of the way.
Successful residential or commercial development depends on navigating multiple rules, laws and regulations. But even minor breaches or on-site disputes can lead to project delays and lost profit. Our legal advice takes into account both legal and commercial imperatives, so you resolve issues quickly, efficiently and with minimum cost.
Subdividing can be an effective way to develop real estate. But the laws and regulations surrounding subdivision are often complex and confusing, and there can be hidden traps. Our expert lawyers will guide you through the subdivision process, including conducting due diligence on land for potential subdivisions before you buy.

Without effective legal advice, an owners corporation can quickly become a source of confusion and even costly and protracted disputes. Whether you want to establish and register a new body corporate scheme, formulate or enforce bylaws or need help managing an issue, we can help you reach the best outcome.

A joint venture or development agreement can lead to a mutually profitable project. But often they become a source of conflict and delays. We can draft an agreement that considers the commercial reality of your project and prevents misunderstandings. We can also help you enforce your rights if disputes arise.
Option agreements can help both developers and property owners profit from a project without unnecessary risk. However, they can be more complex than other property agreements and often also lead to more disputes. We can help draft an agreement that clearly establishes your rights and minimises the chances of delays.
If you are responding to call for expressions of interest both you and the tenderer need to follow certain rules and procedures. We can help you understand your obligations under the laws governing this type of procurement and can advise you on your rights if you are unsuccessful.
When margins are tight, taxes such as GST and stamp duty can make all the difference between a successful development and a successful one. We can help you navigate the sometimes complex laws of taxes and duties so that you maximise your profits and minimise your tax.
A registered caveat signals to the world that someone has an interest in land and can prevent you from dealing with that property. Whether you want to lodge a caveat or remove a caveat lodged against your property, we can help make sure you are in the strongest legal position.

How can we help?

Hannan Zahr


Hannan Zahr - Property & Commercial lawyer

How can we help?

Hannan Zahr

Property Lawyer

How can we help?

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